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'ignite your true self'

Confident, Accomplished & Happy Lives
don’t just happen; they are transformed
through the healing energy of stillness.

Stillness enables you to step back from your life;
to examine your objective with clarity and renewed
focus. Regenerate your goals, your path to living
free from Emotional Entrapments, Restraining
Behaviours and Negative Influences.

What Client’s say about Cilica . . .

Mya Lulu, College Student ~ West London, UK

From the moment I met Cilica I was aware of her energy and her ability to calm. As a sufferer of depression and anxiety, Cilica has been able to heal my nerves and hollowed feeling with positive reinforcement, clear guidance, and wisdom. She is extremely understanding and compassionate which I believe is a major component when aiding to heal an individual. I would not be where I am today if it was not for this amazing woman. Thank you again Cilica!

What Client’s say about Cilica . . .

Jody Blogg – SFU, Burnaby, Canada

Suffering from sever anxiety I worked with Cilica for 3 months.  She really knows how to help me make changes in my perspective.  Don’t know how she knows what to do but she does.  I made more changes and learned much about myself  in our sessions than in 4 years of therapy.  She does make you work, no self-pity, no going over old habits just repattern my habits to gain new perspectives.

What Client’s say about Cilica . . .

Khola Singh – Housekeeper, Berkshire, UK

Riding my pedal bike when a car hit me and took off. I had help getting to the hospital by someone watching.  My neck and back were hurt, bruised and sore.  Off work for 5 weeks I got depressed.  2 sessions a week helped me change my moods, balancing the lows to almost no depression. Happy!

What Client’s say about Cilica . . .

Christine Applebee – Retired – Slough, Berkshire, UK

I am 77.  Never been to a healer before because I don’t think they work.  Its just nonsense.  My daughter arranged for Cilica to come see me about my painful toe.  Doctor operated but didn’t work – I’m in pain all the time.  My walking is slow.  I just laughed.  Sure she can try.  First time in six years my toe didn’t hurt after Cilica’s healing.  Guess I was wrong.

Hello, I am Cilica an empath and intuitive healer in where I use my experience, gifts and knowledge to help you, help yourself. I elicit your intuition, your emotional energy, self-healing and inner wisdom with respect and openness to help you make the significant changes of choice.

Clients like yourself, come to me for help with mild to severe personal challenges. I help you find clarity, focus and healing through stillness, listening, mindfulness, meditation, yogasana (physical) flow of energy and dialoguing techniques to clear the fog of uncertainty, confusion and the pain of mental and physical illnesses or experiences.

I listen with a compassionate ear to hear through layers of pain, hurt, guilt and poor choices to illuminate your path to an authentic self.

Using holistic spiritual techniques of empathy, my senses and intuition I can give you support in clearing negative energies, blockages, resolve the past challenges, learn transformative skills, engage insights into ‘you’ for lasting change. Transform, open and free yourself to live fruitful, self-respecting, productive and happy life.

Call me. It’s the first step to feeling good, living happier, healthier and a more dynamic life.


As an Intuitive Healer, my practice helps you to use your senses, intuition, mind and physical self to locate and correct imbalances in the energy flow within you as a whole to bring you back into balance. With guidance, direct or indirect healing I help you remove blockages, gain clarity, and find your way again. Techniques Modules: Stillness, Healing & Meditation.

Waking each morning are you living in a fog of dulled senses, unhappiness, frustration, physical or mental pain, or in the wrong place with crazy people? Is this how you want to live?

Rebalance your life by awakening your intuition, creativity, shift perspectives to keep you free of drama on a new voyage for significant lasting change.

Learn to remain engaged and awake with energy to live an intuitive life that’s right for you.

Anxious, miserable, overworked, exhausted and have no life outside of work resulting in declining mental and physical energy, health? Are you in the right career, or job?

When you shift perspectives, remove obstacles and negative behaviours you can find the job where you thrive and get recognition for your abilities and contribution. Ultimately clear the blockages, and you have a work-life balance.

Making desired changes in your life is exciting, but you may feel troubled, fearful and find difficult to sustain long-term. Change can disrupt your life and thrust your comfort levels too high.

Using the healing techniques of intuitive mindfulness, meditation and yoga you move through the fear and challenges of change to engage a positive outcome. In all areas of change, you are in control of your own choices and consequences.


Yoga Therapy




Breath Therapy

Intuitive Healing



Crawl out of your cocoon
fly out, FLY HIGH
with new perspectives;


Create a Truly Brilliant Life through Meditation.









"Try to realise it's all within yourself. No one else can make you change." , George Harrison
RECOMBOBULATE Clarity, Focus, Control
ALIGN Actions, Beliefs, Dreams
RE-PATTERN Relearn for New Outcomes
NON-VIOLENCE Positive Perspectives
NEUTRAL Equal, Let Go, No Negativity
NON-SUFFER Free Guilt, Worry, Punishment
BALANCE Emotions, Gain Courage
THREE FREEDOMS Past, Present, Future
COMPASSION For Yourself & Others
ENERGY Grounding, Protection, Security
HEAL Healing Yourself, Meditate
CREATIVE Visualise, Daydream, Manifest

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